I can’t believe I’ve been here five or six times already – I don’t eat out too much, so I like to try new places.  But this place is great, especially when I’m out with my vegetarian friends.
Love:  falafel platter, chicken kebabs (perfection!!!!), muhamara, and cilantro fries.  ETA:  I totally have fantasies about the muhamara – so so so so so good!
The atmosphere is comfortable , the service is friendly, and it’s moderately priced.  I am thrilled this place is still around and seems to be popular in this town of super-quick restaurant turnover!

Sup K.  Ridgewood NJ

This owner-operated dine-in/take-out restaurant serves up “fine Lebanese cuisine”.  The falafal is delicious.  The grape leaves are delightful.  Not much in the looks of decor…I was actually going to turn around and go to the indian restaurant on the main street, but instead we gave it a try and it was really good.  The moussaka appetizer was a perfect starter.  A good little vegan-friendly restaurant in the middle of northern NJ, about 7 minutes west off Rte 17 (just north of Paramus).  I would definitely go back if I ever go back to Ridgewood, NJ.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention how extremely clean this place is…I thought it was brand new but the owner let me know they have been there for 2 years!  The restaurant is located in the King’s Shopping Center so there is plenty of parking.

Monica H.   New York NY

We tried this place based on Yelp recommendations, and the food here didn’t disappoint, in general.
Service was cheerful and prompt, my chicken kebabs were tender and juicy, and the price is right! Oh, and my cousin was thrilled to be able to eat some tasty frog legs. Really.
The decor left much to be desired. It seemed really blah, but I guess that’s to be expected in a strip mall location. I’d hoped for something a little nicer, but it seems like every restaurant in the area is either really casual-cheap or really fancy-expensive. File this restaurant in the former category.

Emily D.  Oradell NJ


This is like a little hole-in-the-wall, but it’s clean and has seating and a small waitstaff.  The falafel is often fresh.  The shawarma is great, chicken or lamb.  They make a few salads that are good and always fresh.  The lentil soup, alas, is disappointing.  I’ve been here at least a dozen times over the past couple of years and they’re pretty consistent.  And the other day they were handing out a pair of free falafel sandwiches with seemingly every order.

Daniel B.  New York NY